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A new generation of Slavic designers has more freedom than its predecessors. In fact, freshmen are able to sell their clothing and accessories across the world. They are not facing dark times as it was in the last century. Nowadays they want to speak about discrimination against different social groups, violations of women’s rights, and the climate change.
Some young talents perceive fashion as a way to participate in social debates and politics, while others are trying just to push the boundaries of art and fashion. Their garments have appeared in trendsetting fashion magazines, including Vogue, Elle, and L’Officiel. They want to set their own Slavic rules of style.
Young designers delve into the complexity of our emotions, precisely the idea of losing oneself. That’s why leather leg-warmers with gloves and larger-than-necessary frills are very popular among sensitive Slavic souls. Some latest collections explore everything kitsch – pearls, lace, and ruffles and create opulent and exaggerated silhouettes. The color palette is closer to neutral shades.

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